The Best Treatment for Sciatica

Back pain is among the most disruptive forms of acute and chronic pain. Sciatica pain, caused by [...]

The Best Treatment for Sciatica2022-11-11T09:55:15-06:00

World Spine Day is October 16

World Spine Day, which happens annually on October 16, emphasizes the importance of a healthy spine. In [...]

World Spine Day is October 162022-10-14T09:01:22-05:00

4 Mattress Tips for Back Pain

At the end of each day, sleep is critical for the body's recovery. Unfortunately, back pain can [...]

4 Mattress Tips for Back Pain2022-10-12T11:05:21-05:00

Physiatry Definition: What is Physiatry?

Physiatry is a medical specialty that emphasizes the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of people with disability. [...]

Physiatry Definition: What is Physiatry?2022-09-20T08:22:26-05:00
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