World Spine Day is October 16


World Spine Day, which happens annually on October 16, emphasizes the importance of a healthy spine. In many areas across the globe, people suffer from spinal pain and disability but have limited access to quality health care. It’s estimated that 1 billion people suffer from spine pain.

This year, the theme is #EVERYSPINECOUNTS, focusing on spine health’s impact on people and communities. The theme aims to provide education on proper spine care, healthy movement, and ways to self-manage their conditions. Because many communities lack access to trained spinal experts, teaching people how to better care for themselves is critical.

In honor of World Spine Day, take some time to learn how to support your own healthy spine.

Here are 3 things you can do today:

1. Practice the Lost Art of Bending Over

2. Strengthen your back with Basic Foundation Training

3. Support a strong core and practice the McGill Big 3

And if you are suffering from chronic back pain, schedule an appointment today!

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